How To Discover Underground Water Leaks

The causes of underground leaks are commonly unknown. However, with the right tools you can typically locate the cause before calling a professional leak detection company.  Your property’s water pipes run under your foundation or into a concrete slab under your house to keep you connected to the city’s water main. When a leak occurs, it can take some time before you discover the leak. Locating a leak can be challenging on your own, but doing so will help water damage professionals coming out to repair it.

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What Causes Underground Water Leaks?

To discover leaks underground, the best way is to use your water meter. Determine if you have a leak in your plumbing by checking to see if the water indicator is moving. Depending on the water meter brand, the indicator of a leak could be a small silver wheel that rotates when there is water that flows. If the dial is moving but every faucet, shower, and toilet in your home is being unused, chances are you leak. If you do leak, you must get in touch with mold eradicators because damp spots within your walls will attract and be very conducive to the growth of mold. You will want to find the cause of the leak, if you can’t, you may want to contact a water damage remediation expert.

How to find an Underground Water Leak at home

To find out if the leak is within or outside of your home, shut off the valve from your meter that shuts off the water supply going into your home. if the water indicator still flows, then the leak is in your exterior pipes. Whether you have a leak within your home or in the exterior, it is important to call Lexington mold removal experts rather than to try to do everything yourself. The reason is that we are equipped with all the necessary tools to fix your possible mold problem.

Questions to ask a Professional Leak Detection Company

Before you hire a company to get to the bottom of your water leak, you need to choose the right people for the job. Here are a few questions to ask, so you get the service you need to start addressing this problem.

  • How much do you charge? Detecting leaks can vary in pricing ranges based on how many leaks you have and where they’re positioned.
  • Do you charge have a flat-rate payment or by the hour? Get a thorough understanding of their pricing structure before you select a professional.
  • Can you handle the underground leak detection as well as the repair? To save money, hire one company that can handle both parts of this process, it’s convenient and well-coordinated.
  • Are you water damage and/or mold certified? This is extremely important. Even when you know the signs of an underground water leak, it can be difficult to detect right away. Your property may have significant mold growth or water damage which needs remediating for a complete repair. 

Start checking your house for potential leaks today and minimize the potential damage.

What To Do If You Find an Underground Leak

Call ServiceMaster Fire & Water Restoration Services today! Our years of operation make us the best leak repair service in Lexington. Our focus on the Lexington community gives us the upper hand in putting you first and getting your water damage fixed promptly. Not to mention, our competitive rates make us the favorite in the area with your home & contents insurance provider.