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Fire damage cleanup can be a costly and stressful process, but ServiceMaster Fire & Water Restoration Services can ensure that the process will be a seamless one. These professionals have all the experience and training to handle both fire and water damage restoration procedures quickly but effectively. To make your home what it was before the damage, this company will focus on thorough cleaning and fixation processes that will give you your home back as soon as possible. You can be sure that you will not have some odor or soot left on any of the surfaces, including ceilings, upholstery, and carpets.

Who Cleans Up After a Fire?

Fire Damage cleanup in Lexington, Kentucky, should be done by the professionals at ServiceMaster Fire & Water Restoration Services. We are capable of restoring any property fast, regardless of the size of the damage and can help you reduce costs by getting it right the first time. Our highly trained professionals have the expertise to handle all types of fire damage. Since fire damage can happen any time, you need a cleanup company that is available around the clock. Call ServiceMaster, we are available available 24/7.

Our technicians are trained to clean for smoke restoration, odor control, water damage restoration, fabric, upholstery cleaning, and fire restoration.

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Brennan Turley
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We recently had a busted pipe in our bathroom while at work, and we had major water damage. Servicemaster was there within a couple hours or our problem to start the process of drying out the house. Derek and his crew were very friendly and helpful in explaining and walking us thru the whole process from beginning to end. If we ever have another emergency like this Servicemaster will be the only people we call!
UK Parent
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My insurance agent gave me a list of numbers and Service Master respond to my call within a couple of hours and had someone at my house started on my flooded basement by midmorning. Everyone I spoke with throughout the process was professional and knew what they were doing.
Lauren Nielson
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Highly recommend this company! Tuesday afternoon, I came home on my lunch break and stepped into ankle deep water thanks to our water heater busting. We have a one story house on a slab and every single room in the house was flooded. Within a couple hours we had someone from ServiceMaster come out to our house to take a look and he was very nice. He left with the promise that he was going to get his guys out that night to start the cleanup process and he made good on that promise. Within 20-30 minutes of leaving our house, he called to let us know when his guys would be coming. They moved all of our stuff and hooked up so much equipment to help dry our house. I am grateful to these employees for how long they stayed at our house in order to get everything done. Thanks to the quick response on their part, our baseboards and drywall were saved. Thank you for making this terrible situation not so terrible!

How Much Does Fire Damage Clean up Cost?

Fire Damage Cleanup in Lexington, Kentucky, involves an extensive process that starts with inspecting and assessing the damage to identify all the areas that will have to be restored and ends with the home returning to what it was before the fire. All the water will have to be removed to dry the home. All the furniture and appliances will and to be salvaged, and the odor will also have to be eliminated.

Most fire damage cleanup companies start by establishing the extent of the damage before coming up with a suitable restoration plan. Such companies will also prioritize your safety and may close off some of the damaged areas, especially if the damage has extended to the home structure. However, it would help if you got a quotation before any of the work begins.

Fire Damage Cleanup in Lexington, Kentucky, can be done at different costs depending on the company you hire. This process is expensive and the price for fire damage cleanup can be up to $8,500. The price can be higher if the damage is extensive or if most of the items, including appliances, have been damaged in the fire. The best option is to have a fire damage cleanup company inspect the damage and give you a quotation before offering their services. The more comprehensive the quotation is, the better as it will show you all the details of how your money will be spent.

What Are Common Causes of Fires

Any home that has cooking equipment and appliances can catch fire easily regardless of the climatic conditions of the region. However, homes in locations that experience hot weather conditions are likely to have fire outbreaks because of the high temperatures they experience. Regardless of where you live, you must remain cautious and practice standards to reduce the chances of fire outbreaks in your home. Some of the common causes of fire you need to look out for include:


While smoking in the common areas or even outside is okay, smoking in the bedroom is never a good idea as it can easily lead to a fire outbreak. Cigarette butts can remain lit for a few hours, which means that if they are not put out properly, they can fire. It’s easy for the flames to reach other materials like the furniture and start a fire that spreads quickly to other parts of the house.


Most people also get distracted when cooking, thereby leaving pans and pots to overheat, resulting in a fire. Similarly, food can easily burn and start a fire if left unattended for long. When using a barbeque, you must keep it clean-the area where you barbeque should also be free of table cloths and plants.

Electrical Appliances

Electrical defectiveness is another common reason why most people seek fire damage cleanup services. The defect can come from the appliances being used or from the wiring. For instance, if an appliance like a toaster has a faulty cord, it can result in a fire the same way a home that has not been wired correctly can lead to a fire. The remedy is to double-check the appliances before plugging them in and checking for signs of faulty wiring. These include dimming lights when an appliance is plugged in or appliances that stop working when another one is plugged in. Ensuring that heating appliances like fireplaces are maintained regularly can also help reduce the chances of fires.


Children are naturally curious, and they like to try out new things without necessarily realizing the danger associated with them. A child can easily start a fire, especially when they have access to flammable materials that are also pretty like candles. Never leave candles around, and if you use one, make sure it isn’t near a book, upholstery, or tissue papers. Having smoke alarms in children’s rooms and training them about the dangers of fire is also important.

Lighting fixtures

It’s easy to knock off lamps, but lampshades that overheat are also fire hazards. Make sure all your lampshades are properly insulated.

What to Do If You Need Fire Damage Clean up Services in Lexington, Kentucky

It would help if you focused on the expertise a company offering Fire Damage cleanup in Lexington, Kentucky, when you need it. We specialize in providing fire damage services and are ready to help you. If you have recently experienced fire damage in your home, do not hesitate. Call ServiceMaster Fire & Water Restoration Services, in Lexington, KY today!

Who We Are

ServiceMaster Fire & Water Restoration Services is dedicated to providing residents and businesses in central Kentucky with outstanding service at a time when things are upside down. We have been in this field since 1929, and we understand what it’s like to go through a major disaster. Let us help you get your life back to normal.

What We Do

ServiceMaster Fire & Water Restoration Services provides disaster relief services. Our experienced team is always at the ready, and we work quickly and efficiently to make sure your home or business is cleaned up properly. We use our expertise to troubleshoot problems and do a clean up that is thorough and professional. Contact us for help when you need it! We’ll take good care of you.