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An appliance leak can end up causing a lot of damage around your property. It can also cause you a lot of stress. The good news for Lexington area property owners is the fact that help is available. At ServiceMaster Fire & Water Damage Restoration, we have built a reputation as the trusted Lexington appliance leak clean-up services provider that you can rely on when one of your appliances causes water damage due to a leak or overflow.

Appliance leaks can come from your water heater, dishwasher, washing machine, or your refrigerator, to name just a few of the most common culprits that cause water damage. The following information is designed to provide you with a better understanding of the common appliances that cause water damage. It is also designed to help you identify the signs of an appliance leak. With this knowledge, you recognize when it is time to bring in the services of your reliable provider of Lexington appliance leak clean-up services. Taking quick action can make a big difference when it comes to minimizing the overall amount of damage that your property sustains.

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Brennan Turley
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We recently had a busted pipe in our bathroom while at work, and we had major water damage. Servicemaster was there within a couple hours or our problem to start the process of drying out the house. Derek and his crew were very friendly and helpful in explaining and walking us thru the whole process from beginning to end. If we ever have another emergency like this Servicemaster will be the only people we call!
UK Parent
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My insurance agent gave me a list of numbers and Service Master respond to my call within a couple of hours and had someone at my house started on my flooded basement by midmorning. Everyone I spoke with throughout the process was professional and knew what they were doing.
Lauren Nielson
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Highly recommend this company! Tuesday afternoon, I came home on my lunch break and stepped into ankle deep water thanks to our water heater busting. We have a one story house on a slab and every single room in the house was flooded. Within a couple hours we had someone from ServiceMaster come out to our house to take a look and he was very nice. He left with the promise that he was going to get his guys out that night to start the cleanup process and he made good on that promise. Within 20-30 minutes of leaving our house, he called to let us know when his guys would be coming. They moved all of our stuff and hooked up so much equipment to help dry our house. I am grateful to these employees for how long they stayed at our house in order to get everything done. Thanks to the quick response on their part, our baseboards and drywall were saved. Thank you for making this terrible situation not so terrible!

The Most Common Reason Why Water Heaters Fail

As has been noted, water heaters are one of the most common appliances that lead to water damage in properties across the United States. With this point made, it is important to understand the most common reasons why water heaters end up failing. There are several primary reasons why water heaters will fail, leak, and cause water damage. They include:

  • Over time, corrosive deposits can accumulate at the water heater tank’s bottom. This causes damage to the tank liner as well as the tank’s heater elements.
  • Corrosion on the bottom of the water tank can cause a sudden failure that leads to a deluge of water that flows over the floor of your property.

When your water heater does fail, it is important to act quickly so that you minimize the amount of water damage that your property sustains. One of the most effective steps that you can take to avoid a water heater failure is to have your tank inspected each year.

Common Appliances That Cause Water Damage

You rely on your home appliances to add convenience and comfort to your daily life. When they are working at their best, they do just that. It is when your home appliances malfunction that problems can occur. Leaks from home appliances are one of the major causes of water damage. The most common appliances that routinely cause water damage include:

  • Hot Water Heater – Hot water heaters are one of the most common sources of water damage in the Lexington area. Making sure that you get your water heater inspected once per year can greatly reduce the chance that it ends up leaking and causing water damage. When water damage from your water heater does occur, your best move is to bring in our team here at ServiceMaster Fire & Water Damage Restoration
  • Air Conditioner – Another common home appliance that can end up causing serious water damage is your air conditioner. Air conditioners that are located in the attic are the most likely to cause major water damage because they can end up leaking throughout your entire property.
  • Washing Machine – A third common household appliance that is often the source of water damage is your washing machine. These leaks often come from problems with the washing machine’s water hose. Regularly inspecting the hoses for your washing machine is a great step of preventative maintenance to help you avoid costly water damage.
  • Dishwasher – Dishwashers also routinely end up leaking and causing water damage in homes across the Lexington region and the United States as a whole. When their valves, hoses, and switches malfunction, they can end up leading to flooding across the floors of your property.
  • Refrigerator – Your refrigerator can also end up leaking and causing a water damage issue that you must address. Problems with your refrigerator often occur when it’s defrost drain clogs or freezes. Issues with sealing can lead to a build-up of condensation that can cause problems. Issues with your refrigerator’s rubber seals can also lead to leak troubles.

Signs of Water Heater Failure

The following are the tell-tale signs that you are experiencing water heater failure that can end up cause your property a lot of damage.

  • You hear a whistling/hissing sound coming from your tank  
  • You regularly experience a shortage of hot water
  • You notice an accumulation of water coming from the bottom of your water heater tank

Why Is Water Leaking From Under My Refrigerator?

Why is water leaking from under my refrigerator? This is one of the most common questions that property owners have regarding appliance leaks. There are two primary causes that are usually the reason behind a leaking refrigerator. A blocked defrost drain is one of these common reasons. Food particles along with other types of debris can accumulate and clog the defrost drain’s hose. This can lead to a buildup of water and ice that ends up leaking from the refrigerator. A frozen or clogged water supply line is another common cause of water leaks from refrigerators. This is common with refrigerators that have built-in water dispensers and ice makers.

Why Is There Water Under My Washing Machine?

Water under the washing machine is another issue that property owners commonly want an explanation for. Top-loading washing machines often leak due to overloading, issues with the spray/rinse function, or a clogged overflow tube. If the leak is coming from the back of the washing machine, it is generally from an issue with a loose fill hose, an unsecured drain hose, or a problem with the manufacturer’s drain plug.

What to Do If Your Dishwasher Is Leaking

If your dishwasher is leaking, it is a good move to remove the kickplate and then run the dishwasher. While it is running, look for water leaks from the hose and at the clamps. If you notice any leaks, it is important to have your dishwasher repaired by a qualified service technician so that you can avoid further water damage. When a leaking dishwasher has already caused water damage in your property, it is important to reach out to our team here at ServiceMaster Fire & Water Damage Restoration.

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When trouble with leaking appliances causes you problems at your property, it is important to take quick and decisive action so that you minimize the overall damage. The best move you can make is to contact our team here at ServiceMaster Fire & Water Damage Restoration. We are the Lexington appliance leak clean-up services experts that you can count on to be there when appliance failure leads to water damage. Our team is always just a phone call away!

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