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From natural disasters to plumbing leaks and even sewage backups, water damage poses to be the most frequent and destructive issue for a typical homeowner. When water damage becomes a threatening aspect in your home, it is vital to mitigate this issue quickly. Failure to do so would only cause you a permanent loss that would leave you lurking about in regrets. So what should you do? Call ServiceMaster Fire & Water Restoration Services, our water damage restoration experts in Lexington, can help you remove all of the water from your home or business.

What Is Water Extraction?

Have you ever heard of what people commonly refer to as steam cleaning? The term is used in regards to cleaning carpets. If yes, then you are familiar with the term water extraction. However them terming it as steam cleaning is usually misleading, because steam is never used among cleaning agents in the treatment. Water extraction is the process whereby a machine or device pushes water into the pile of the carpet to remove and loosen stains and dirt.

In the meantime, a vacuum sucks up all the water and unneeded grime.

When done with the extensive water extraction, ServiceMaster will then take additional actions to prevent further damages. Depending on the damage’s degree of severity, water extraction may also require some of the following: 

  • Removing other unsalvageable pieces of material.
  • Removing other affected structures like upholstered furniture, flooring, and drywall. 
  • Disinfecting and cleaning other affected areas.
  • Home deodorizing.
  • Using appropriate equipment to dry out the structural components of a house.
  • Conducting moisture as well as humidity testing to ascertain that every issue has been fully resolved. 
Brennan Turley
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We recently had a busted pipe in our bathroom while at work, and we had major water damage. Servicemaster was there within a couple hours or our problem to start the process of drying out the house. Derek and his crew were very friendly and helpful in explaining and walking us thru the whole process from beginning to end. If we ever have another emergency like this Servicemaster will be the only people we call!
UK Parent
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My insurance agent gave me a list of numbers and Service Master respond to my call within a couple of hours and had someone at my house started on my flooded basement by midmorning. Everyone I spoke with throughout the process was professional and knew what they were doing.
Lauren Nielson
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Highly recommend this company! Tuesday afternoon, I came home on my lunch break and stepped into ankle deep water thanks to our water heater busting. We have a one story house on a slab and every single room in the house was flooded. Within a couple hours we had someone from ServiceMaster come out to our house to take a look and he was very nice. He left with the promise that he was going to get his guys out that night to start the cleanup process and he made good on that promise. Within 20-30 minutes of leaving our house, he called to let us know when his guys would be coming. They moved all of our stuff and hooked up so much equipment to help dry our house. I am grateful to these employees for how long they stayed at our house in order to get everything done. Thanks to the quick response on their part, our baseboards and drywall were saved. Thank you for making this terrible situation not so terrible!

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Hot Water Extraction VS Cold Water Extraction

It is noteworthy that not all water extraction methods are the same. While one way utilizes hot water, the other makes use of only cold water. Using hot water is the most typical practice for good reasons. This is because it is efficiently and effectively high at restoring the appearance of a carpet speedily.

However, cold water extraction methods are sometimes used. Using cold water can give superb cleaning services for several reasons. Some of these include:
Safety: since it never requires the heat which hot water utilizes, there is no existential steam. Workers don’t inhale the chemicals released due to the vapor in the air.
Less energy is used. It makes the cold water method cost-effective as well as environmentally friendly.

However, it is without heat presence, the cold water method of extraction isn’t wholly effective compared to its counterpart in cleaning carpets. The condition and the size of the carpet will ultimately determine the best option that would suit you. You might need to talk to professionals to advise you on the best way. Contact the experts at ServiceMaster Fire & Water Restoration for help today!

Do You Need Emergency Water Extraction Services?

Water damage is disastrous as well as disruptive in every manner to all homes. When something unexpected happens, a dire situation needs to be addressed to stop any further destruction to your home. Every minute water damage sits increases the chances for a toxic growth of mold. Considerable water damage amounts will threaten the structure’s integrity of a home. In these situations, emergency water extractions are needed to remove all the extra water from the home. Professionals are required for this type of job. Our Lexington water extraction experts will help you deal with such a situation. Appropriate steps can be taken to keep your loved ones and your property safe, should you face threatening water damage. Call us today for help!

DIY VS Hiring a Carpet Water Extraction Service

While some believe it is possible to extract water from your home or business by yourself, doing this by yourself is not half as effective or powerful as the professionals. Our water extraction units inject cleaning agents and water into the carpet at a powerful speed while thoroughly removing dirt and water. The fibers of the rug become like new.

Contact our Water Extraction Experts In Lexington, Kentucky

Having known all of the aspects of water damage extraction, it is time to give your carpet the clean and new life it deserves. With our Lexington water damage extraction professionals, you get satiable customer service. Remember, regardless of your carpets’ situation or other damage caused by water in your home, you need to water damage extraction services. Get your carpet cleaned up today. Call ServiceMaster Fire & Water Restoration Services for help!

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