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Thousands of homeowners and individuals go through the problem of having to repair their water damages each year. Most don’t have any expertise in repairing it and leaving water damage untreated can lead to structure damage, mold, and worse. If you have experienced any type of water or sewage damage – call the experts at ServiceMaster Fire & Water Restoration. We know how to repair water damage and ensure your home will be fixed properly. Don’t hesitate, call our water damage restoration experts now!

Do You Need Water Damage Repair Services in Lexington?

If you have family members or friend available to help, asking them for assistance would be ideal – especially if they have experience within the spectrum of plumbing and water damage.

Unfortunately, for most homeowners the water damage that has impacted their households is beyond their expertise, and requires a professional, to inspect, evaluate, and to repair.

While minor water damage may seem like a big issue – most cases require a professional to work on their issues regarding water damage. Calling one from your local area that has received positive reviews from your neighbors, would be a great alternative, when compared to doing it yourself.

As for those that live within the area of Lexington, Ky, our professionals at ServiceMaster Fire & Water Restoration are your best bet if you have encountered water damage.

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Brennan Turley
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We recently had a busted pipe in our bathroom while at work, and we had major water damage. Servicemaster was there within a couple hours or our problem to start the process of drying out the house. Derek and his crew were very friendly and helpful in explaining and walking us thru the whole process from beginning to end. If we ever have another emergency like this Servicemaster will be the only people we call!
UK Parent
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My insurance agent gave me a list of numbers and Service Master respond to my call within a couple of hours and had someone at my house started on my flooded basement by midmorning. Everyone I spoke with throughout the process was professional and knew what they were doing.
Lauren Nielson
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Highly recommend this company! Tuesday afternoon, I came home on my lunch break and stepped into ankle deep water thanks to our water heater busting. We have a one story house on a slab and every single room in the house was flooded. Within a couple hours we had someone from ServiceMaster come out to our house to take a look and he was very nice. He left with the promise that he was going to get his guys out that night to start the cleanup process and he made good on that promise. Within 20-30 minutes of leaving our house, he called to let us know when his guys would be coming. They moved all of our stuff and hooked up so much equipment to help dry our house. I am grateful to these employees for how long they stayed at our house in order to get everything done. Thanks to the quick response on their part, our baseboards and drywall were saved. Thank you for making this terrible situation not so terrible!

How Do You Fix Water Damaged Walls?

When it comes to fixing walls that have been affected by water damage, there are many different ways you can approach the situation.

The best way to do so would be by using a putty knife, to scrape the area that has been infected with moisture and that have been damaged. After cutting it, you could install a new piece of drywall by measuring the exact dimensions and thickness required.

Once that’s done, you can use mesh tape, used to secure the replaced drywall. After that, apply your first coat of drywall mud, and allow for it to dry. 

While this may seem easy – you will benefit by having a water damage repair expert come out and inspect the water damage. They may find different areas that were missed that could be a breeding ground for mold.

Is Drywall Ruined If It Gets Wet?

Not entirely, however, it does need to be dried as soon as possible. You will also have to worry about getting ALL of the moisture out of the drywall to ensure there is no mold that grows.

Minor Splashes

If the drywall receives a few splashes of water or a small leak that is promptly repaired, the drywall will not be ruined if it is dried as soon as possible. This might result in little to no damage, but the drywall wouldn’t be ruined.

Large Amounts of Water

If your drywall is exposed to medium and large amounts of water, and not cleaned immediately, the drywall will be ruined through discoloration and disfiguration of its original shape. The best thing to do in this scenario would be to call a water damage repair expert and have them come out to inspect the damage.


Mold on drywall would be the worst-case scenario for homeowners. As after the mold grows and remains on the drywall, the mold will heavily impact not only the drywall but also the surrounding areas, through its odor and discoloration. As well as its health hazards it’ll have on the occupants. Mold needs to be removed immediately by a professional, to stay safe and to avoid taking the wrong steps.


What to Do If Your Home Needs Water Damage Repair Services:

There are a variety of steps you can do when your home requires a water damage repair. If the situation is minor enough, such as a small leaking pipe, or a simple cleanup, you could take a few steps to do the job yourself.

After evaluating and ensuring that the leak is small enough for you to handle, start off by switching off the water supply. Additionally, you should also dry the surface to better work on it.

Following that, purchase or use spare plumbing tape that has been specifically made to strengthen your pipes and to ensure the water doesn’t leak out. Tightly wrap the tape around the leaking pipe, if possible use 2-3 layers to ensure a strong and secure fit.

Lastly, wait for a few hours for the tape to seal, before turning back on the water supply.

If, in any case, you found the surface area of the leaking pipe to be excessively large for plumbing tape to secure, you should call up a local professional to evaluate and inspect the situation.

After a leakage or flood, your place will be filled with water that will be unsafe to be around for long. Therefore, it should be on the top of your agenda to quickly and effectively drain out all of the water.

Before you get to work, remove any items that have been placed on the ground, especially electronic gadgets that won’t last for long in damped conditions. Another thing to keep in mind is that it’ll be preferred to open your windows and doors to let the air flow out.

After that, give your flooring a mop to all areas that have been affected by the water damage. However, if you have a wooden or cement flooring within your home, it would take a few extra steps. Which is to use a dry mop or cloth to wipe away all the water.

Our Water Damage Repair Experts In Lexington Are Ready To Help You!

Whatever the situation is, as long as it has to do with water damages, our professionals and specialists will be more than delighted to be on the task!

Right here, in Lexington, Ky, we’re ready to assist you with your water damage repair when it hits at the worst moment.

Water damages aren’t an easy or pleasant task to deal with, if you have noticed a leading pipe or have encountered some new water damage, call our water damage repair experts at ServiceMaster Fire & Water Restoration Services today for help!

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